With joy, you fine community, I’d like to introduce myself for the first time in this mixed up & diverse world of Bloggerism.  I will beg for your forgiveness, and your patience, as I am not sure yet as to the proper way to blog.  For some reason when I looked up “blog rules” in amazon, it came back with not so relevant items, and my neighbor Carl was of absolutely zero use to me on the subject.  (though I now know that by calling the oil filter of a 1967 firebird a F*cking C***sucking piece of s**t, it will make the filter release from the motor, thanks Carl)

So after severe contemplation of topics, which included such things as: 9/11 truth movements, scuba diving in Panama, Rally to Restore Sanity & 103 crockpot recipes, I chose to bring up a lifestyle that is mostly misunderstood & seldomly discussed:


(dual income no kids)

Yes, the term so prestigiously coined in the fast paced era of Bosom Buddies & the Rubik’s cube (the 80’s)  used to describe the “yuppie” urban folk who decided that their selfishness & love of consuming far outweighed the boredom & conformist ideals that made up the modern day family.

We are people too.  We have opinions & values, and even in some cases wish to make the world a better place.  (A fair amount of us have dropped the over consuming part as well)

Amazingly enough, the DINK community, as loose as it may be, still exists.  There are randomites such as myself & lovely girlfriend who have studied the propaganda & made the conscious decision to not partake in the breeding of future presidents.   This of course frees up an obscene amount of time to focus on such things as politics, book writing, blogging, travel, conservation, 4 hour work weeks, road trips, pet adopting, debunking religion, gardening, badminton, photography, civil liberties, cooking, learning spanish, convincing people that $50 million earned in one weekend from Jackass 3d is just plain wrong etc etc etc… 

American Apathy will be discussed in great detail in future postings.

Hey, I said right in my title this would be rambling thoughts didn’t I?  Don’t panic, my intent is to systematically express views only. I look only for great discussion & to perhaps recruit future DINKS!